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An articulation disorder involves difficulty making speech sounds. Sounds can be substituted, left off, added or changed. These errors may make it hard for a person to be understood. Most children make some mistakes as they learn to say new words. An articulation disorder occurs when mistakes continue past a certain age. Every sound has a different range of ages by when the child should make the sound correctly.

Adults can also have speech sound disorders. Some adults continue to have problems from childhood, while others may develop speech problems after a stroke or acquired brain injury.

An assessment will identify which sounds are being produced incorrectly and will evaluate the structure and function of the articulators (lips, tongue, teeth, jaw, palate) for speech production. Articulation therapy involves teaching proper placement of the articulators in order to produce sounds correctly. With regular practice and guidance, you or your child will learn how to change your speech sound production in words, phrases, and sentences. Home practice recommendations and strategies will be provided to encourage carry over of targeted speech sounds from structured practice to everyday conversation.

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