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Complete the self-assessment to determine if you have signs or symptoms of a voice disorder.


  1. Have you noticed that voice loss is happening more often?

  2. Is it taking longer for your voice to bounce back?

  3. Has your voice quality never quite returned to normal?

  4. Is there is pain, discomfort or fatigue associated with speaking or singing?

  5. Do you regularly have a hoarse, raspy or breathy voice quality?

  6. Does your throat feel tight, raw or sore?

  7. Has it become an effort to speak?

  8. Is the pitch of your voice lower/deeper than usual?

  9. Do you frequently feel the urge to clear your throat or cough?

  10. Does your voice break when speaking or singing?

  11. Is your range reduced when singing?

  12. Do you experience shortness of breath when speaking or singing?


If you experience even one of the signs or symptoms listed above, contact me – I can help!

Most voice disorders are highly responsive to short-term voice therapy. The ultimate goal is to rehabilitate the voice while providing education so that the issue is resolved and future injuries are avoided.




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